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Post by Coon on Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:43 am


This form hereby confirms the identity and citizenship of the person holding this paper. If their appearance does not match the one under, you have a right to question them.


Hello, my name is __Alyona Kotko__ . I was born in __Isolatorweg__ and live currently in the station __Gein__. My height is __5'6"__, and my weight is __57.5 kilograms__. I am __17__ years old.

More Information:

Alyona Kotko Anime+winter+smile+rezi+mangaka+girl+cute

Family: Ivan Kotko and Nyla Kotko

Personality: Hello, I am one of Alyona's friends. She can be kinda strange at times. I mean at one moment she will be normal then she get a natural hyperness from some where. I can't exactly explain it, but Alyona is a kind, adventurous girl. I don't really know what she is like when she is in a bad mood. She can be kind of intimidating at times. Also when you catch her when she is happy she can be really nice, and sweet. She gets highly curious sometimes, just to let you know.

Blood Type: 0

Eye Color: Blue-grey

Hair Color: Blackish

Background: Where to start? Well I was born and raised in Isolatorweg, and I am still here today. I am known to cause a bit of trouble but nothing to serious. I blame my curiosity for that.. Well anyway nothing really interesting has happened to me. I haven't really left my station in for ever. And if I had it's like five feet from it. Everyday I want to go out and explore, see new things for once instead of the same old station I see everyday..

Weapon of Choice: I prefer a dagger or a small knife of some sort. I would only use one for self-defense, because you never know when something might pop out at ya.

By filling out this form, I hereby agree to not commit treason, murder, or theft, unless your life or the lives of my station are threatened. I also agree to follow the laws of stations I come by with honor and toleration. In confirmation of my approval, my signature will be below.

Alyona Kotko

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Post by Jay on Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:34 pm

Approved! 8D

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