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This form hereby confirms the identity and citizenship of the person holding this paper. If their appearance does not match the one under, you have a right to question them.


Hello, my name is __Lien Alhart__. I was born in *country or station if too young* and live currently in the station ___Brink____. My height is __1.602 meters__, and my weight is __50 kilograms__. I am __seventeen__ years old.

More Information:
Lien Alhart of Brink Dzhytc

Family: Father: Aalbert Alhart
Mother: Maaike Alhart

Personality: Hello. This is Lien's mother, Maaike Alhart. I would describe my dear daughter as being rather kind, though she has been rather unsociable. You see, before she was cheery and kind and sort of a tomboy, but a mutant had badly wounded her a year ago. She almost died, and it seemed as if she...hasn't been the same. I hope to maybe get her on a caravan to other stations, possibly to meet new people.

Blood Type: AB+

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Background: I was born underground in 2016, after the Germans bombed us with nuclear missiles when we refused to give into their third try at world domination. This is what mother told me, and I never have been outside. The roof is my sky, and the tracks are my ground, and that is all I have ever known. A year ago, I was walking home with my best friend Mia when a mutant attacked us. I don't remember much, since it knocked me out, but I heard one of the nice doctors say that is almost ate me. It sounds scary and is frightening to think about. Mia didn't make it, and I miss her dearly. I suppose I have to agree with what my mom put, that I once was a sociable person, but I am not anymore and I would like to be! I just think of Mia every time I want to make friends and I suddenly get this melancholy feeling, as if I don't want to replace her.
I am scared of the tunnels. Brink is well lit, for the kind people at Poortwachter protect us.

Weapon of Choice: I have never used a weapon, unless you could count the spear I made when I was eight to kill rats with. It was not successful, and I was scolded by mother.

By filling out this form, I hereby agree to not commit treason, murder, or theft, unless your life or the lives of my station are threatened. I also agree to follow the laws of stations I come by with honor and toleration. In confirmation of my approval, my signature will be below.

Lien Alhart of Brink Create.php?text=Lein%20Alhart&name=Windsong

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