Rules (As of 1/19/13)

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Rules (As of 1/19/13) Empty Rules (As of 1/19/13)

Post by Jay on Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:19 pm


1.) Do not flame or troll other members unless said member deserves it. Even if, constructive criticism is better, and plain flaming is frowned upon.

2.) No spam, please. Spam is posting for the sake of getting up a post count, or generally posting when you do not have to. One worded posts and posts that have just emoticons are also spam.

3.) Do not double post unless to bump, and only bump for good reason. Bumping is trying to get people to post in a topic when it has faded into the mass of other topics after a while.

4.) No pornography in or off the chat, please.

5.) No adverts unless you are a committed member. Bots are automatically deleted upon discovery.

6.) Romance is allowed. PG-13 please, or fast-forwards if it is oddly necessary.

7.) Cursing of any kind is allowed. This is a mature roleplay.

8.) No double accounts!

9.) All appearances must be in an anime or manga style as to make everyone look like they come from a similar dimension.


1.) No godmodding. One man can't take down sixty nine dark ones. A regular person also cannot get up to the surface.

2.) Try to roleplay with posts over two sentences, please. A roleplay filled with skilled writers is a happy roleplay.

3.) Mary Sues and Gary Stus are highly discouraged.

4.) You are not allowed to kill off another person's character without their permission.

5.) You are not allowed to roleplay another person's character without their permission.

6.) Only children 16 and over can journey the metro.

7.) Characters under 20 were NOT born outside.

8.) Remember, guys. This is a futuristic site whose enemies are mutant creatures. Swords are not allowed, bows and medieval weapons are not allowed, and knives are allowed though are kind of silly.

9.) You are NOT allowed to go onto the surface, especially without a gas mask or suit. You WILL die if you do this.

10.) You may have as many characters as you wish.

In progress.

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