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Post by Moon on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:43 pm


This form hereby confirms the identity and citizenship of the person holding this paper. If their appearance does not match the one under, you have a right to question them.


Hello, my name is Claudia Holste. I was born in Zuid and live currently in the station Zuid. My height is 173 cm, and my weight is 56 kilograms. I am nineteen years old.

More Information:

Claudia Holste Tumblr_mgtqtyNjam1rjl2igo1_500

Family: father: Franciscus, mother: Elma, elder brother: Gilus, younger sister: Hanna

Personality: Heya, I'm Hanna! Um . . Claudia describes herself as "conventional", but honestly, she's kind of fussy. I mean, she's bossy and everything has to be just perfect in order for her to feel at ease, but she really is a kind person at heart. Looking past her rigidity, I can say she's confident and traditional and will always stand up for her family. Mother often calls her the backbone of our family; between father's disputes with Gilus and our money problems, Claudia keeps us together and always says the right things. Honestly, I think she's kind of repressed for us. I've never once seen her break down or show anything real. I wish she would. Sometimes she feels so . . . fake. Not that you're fake, or anything, Claudia, if you're reading this! You're the best sister ever!

Blood Type: B

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond

Background: I was born in Zuid in 2014, but my parents are from Amsterdam. I've lived here all my life, and so has my sister; we're farmers. We grow herbs and mushrooms and stuff like that. Mother and father work all day, but we make less than working that long is worth. I tend to the house. Hanna helps. . Gilus . . he always complained that our lives should be better. Last year he and my father got in a fight. Apparently Gilus made some bandit friends and wanted to support us with . . bandit-like activities. Daddy told him to leave. We haven't seen him in a while. Mother says he's probably living at an outpost.

Weapon of Choice: I've never touched a weapon in my life! . . . but if I really had to, maybe a small gun for protection?

By filling out this form, I hereby agree to not commit treason, murder, or theft, unless your life or the lives of my station are threatened. I also agree to follow the laws of stations I come by with honor and toleration. In confirmation of my approval, my signature will be below.

Claudia Holste Create.php?text=Claudia%20Holste&name=scriptina

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Post by Jay on Sat Jan 19, 2013 6:45 pm

Approved! 8D

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