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Metro Map and Info - What you need to know Empty Metro Map and Info - What you need to know

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Metro Map and Info - What you need to know 2w6ywqo

In 2013, when Moscow was hit by some nuclear warheads, Amsterdam reinforced their metro as to prepare for a possible attack. Netherlands joined World War III, and was bombed. 50,000 people survived by retreating to the metro system, as Moscow citizens did, and therefore a new community arised.

The persons of the metro are as follows:

Stations: Poortwachter, Gein, Gaasperplas, Isolatorweg
Description: The Terminus Alliance is a group of four huge stations which were the four terminals in the Amsterdam metro. They are fair people with happy citizens, though are a bit proud and think they are the greatest power in the metro. They also own the Refugee Stations, and have police who walk the metro. Their borders are incredibly fortified due to them having only one tunnel to protect against.

Stations: Market City
Description: Located in place of one of the terminals is an independent and large cluster of stations. They call themselves Market City, for they are the biggest trade post in the metro. They also have a large library and a school, and many intelligent people live there. Their border is strong since they are similar to a terminus, though still wide. It covers three lines.

Stations: Amstel
Description: Amstel is a peaceful, large area that took after Market City's wanting for independence, and refused to join the Centraal Confederacy. They are more poor and not as wonderful of a sight as Market City, but their people are some of the kindest and welcoming in the metro.

Stations: Spaklerweg, Van der Madeweg, Duivendrecht (One Third of it.), Weesperplein, Wibautstraat
Description: The Centraal Confederacy is the largest alliance in the metro. Occupying middle stations, it's main goal was to fortify and align the stations occupying three whole lines. A lot of stations refused, but it still has a heavy influence. They are a bit of a bureaucracy, making them a pain in the ass to pass through, but they aren't hostile to friendly people. Currently are fighting with Bandits over full control of Duivendrecht.

Stations: Zuid, RAI, De Boelelaan
Description: The Groen Oranje Alliance, named after the lines they occupy, is a group of three stations which are made with the same intentions as the Centraal Alliance, except for the orange and green metro lines. These peoples are formal and militaristic, though consider themselves democratic.

Stations: Reigersbos, Holendrecht, Bullewijk, Bijlmer, Oranjebaan
Description: The fascists of the metro. They are cruel, militaristic people who treat themselves as an empire for the perfect. Only white inhabitants live there, and they will shoot down travelers who just look at them funny. They are isoltationists, as well, and rarely travel only to conquer another station. Strandvliet is their target, though larger stations agreed to protect it, so no one is daring to make a move. Bitter rivals with the Reds, for they hold a grudge over Stalin turning on Hitler.

Stations: Kraainnest, Ganzenhoef, Verrijn Stuartweg, Diemen Zuid
Description: Similar to the fascists in conduct, though move around more and are bitter rivals with them. Reds started in Kraaiennest and spread from there up the Red Line, taking over once independent stations.

Stations: Amstel-veenseweg, Uilenstede
Description: Tradeposts are stations without permanent inhabitants, thoug htraders commonly set up shop there. Ther are noisy and filled with bothersome merchants.

Stations: Duivendrecht (two thirds of it), Muiderpoort
Description: Wicked people who live at outposts. They travel and jump other travelers and merchants, and tend to steal from anything they can. Currently, however, they are at war with the Centraal Confederacy for Duivendrecht.

Stations: Sloterdijk, De Vlugtlaan, Postjesweg, Lelylaan, Heemstedestraat, Henk Sneevlietweg, AJ Ernststraat, Kronenburg, Sportlaan, Meent, Brink, Duivendrecht, Waterlooplein, Nieuw-markt
Description: Poor and rich stations that have not alligned themselves with anyone officially.

Stations: Onderuit, Diemen
Description: Places where criminals go to do hard, meaningless labor for the rest of or a lot of their lives. Owned by the Terminus Alliance. In very poor shape and heavily guarded.

Stations: Venser-polder, Van Boshuizenstraat, Zonnestein, Amstelveen Centrum, Marne
Description: Stations that are collapsed, above ground, or simply not populated.

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